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Dophix Presents the Dante Overdrive

Dophix Presents the Dante Overdrive

The Italian company's latest is a three-knob distortion that focuses on the lower end of the gain scale.

Florence, Italy (April 13, 2020) -- Dophix presents the Dante Overdrive. A very dynamic overdrive with three controls: volume, tone, and gain. The effect allows a complete sound selection from clean to crunch up to a soft distortion. The sound produced is conferred with a typical character, thanks to a full-level control and tone modulation. It also includes an input/output jack from 6.3 mm 1/4“ placed sideways to the pedal, true bypass switch, carbon resistors, and high quality components are one of the specific choices made for the standard of our pedals.

It uses a 9 volt power supply DC through an internal battery or external stabilized power supply. Battery replacement is possible by removing the four screws on the bottom cover. Input impedance 1 Mohm, output 300 ohm. Current with LED on 19ma, standby 500 UA

Dante is available for $199.00

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