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Dr. Z and Carol Ann Amps Collaborate on the CAZ-45

Dr. Z and Carol Ann Amps Collaborate on the CAZ-45

The amp's unique design has three different controls over the texture, response, and saturation of the distortion.

Cleveland, OH (November 25, 2020) -- Dr. Z is proud to announce his collaboration with Alan Phillips, engineer/owner of Carol Ann Amps; the first high gain offering from Dr. Z, the CAZ-45. Having started from a clean sheet of paper, and after over a year of meticulous, prototyping, and tweaking, the CAZ-45 offers low, medium, or blistering high gain tones in a hand-wired, single channel package. Its unique design has 3 different controls over the texture, response, and saturation of the distortion: Sensitivity, designed to beef up single coils and tighten up high output humbuckers, Gain sets the overall distortion amount, and Aggression, which keys in how the preamp pummels the power section. Set lower this control offers fat, smooth distortion, and rolled up higher it voices the amp for searing and tight modern gain sounds. Coupling this with Dr. Z’s Level control, the CAZ-45 can be volume-scaled down to whisper quiet levels, or turned up to rage on the stage, retaining all the sustain and gain the amp offers on tap. In keeping with Dr. Z’s design philosophy, even at the highest gain settings, the amp can be cleaned up to crystalline, chiming clean tones with just the guitar’s volume knob and molds itself to the player’s touch and unique fingerprint.


  • A 45 watt, 6L6-based power section, which is cathode-biased for extended harmonics and unbelievable response to playing dynamics.
  • Alan Phillips’ custom designed, tube-driven FX loop for time based and modulation effects.
  • 3 controls over the overall gain and distortion for ultimate control over the exact amount of saturation the player desires.
  • Available as a head, or with a horizontal Z-Best ported 2x12 cabinet specifically loaded with the Doc’s recommended Celestion Creamback M65 and Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.
  • Hand-wired turret board construction assembled in Cleveland, OH utilizing high-quality Heyboer transformers.

The CAZ-45 head retails for $2499, and the head/matching 2x12 cabinet set for $3348.

The CAZ-45 is available for sale at authorized Dr. Z dealers.

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