DRS Racks Introduces Modular Storage System

A furniture-grade stringed instrument storage system made of solid bamboo.

Elk Grove, CA (October 22, 2015) -- DRS Racks is proud to announce the return of our newly redesigned modular, stringed instrument storage system.

DRS Racks’ modular, stackable storage system is the first of its kind available as a flat packaged, easy to assemble, furniture grade stringed instrument storage system. Equally at home in a living room or the studio, DRS Racks are designed around the principle of maximizing available floor space without sacrificing function for appearance. Our system allows the user to select between multiple ground units, or the ability to stack them for maximum storage.

For those who need a more organized solution for case storage, DRS offers an optional alternate brace that allows for case convenient case storage. The modular, user-assembled design allows for multiple configurations to accommodate instruments and cases of most designs.

The DRS system utilizes environmentally friendly solid bamboo for its construction. When assembled, the units are freestanding and do not require unsightly anchoring. The system assembles easily, using the single Allen wrench included, and the flat-pack packaging design allows for inexpensive shipping anywhere in the world. Its contact points are all finish safe materials and are replaceable if damaged.

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