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Duesenberg Unveils the Triton Bass

Duesenberg Unveils the Triton Bass

The five-way switch plus the seriel/parallel wiring provide an unusually wide range of sounds.

Hannover, Germany (September 5, 2019) -- Duesenberg basses are known for their own distinctive voice - and of course the Triton Bass is no exception. Three volume calibrated and tonally tuned pickups in Duesenberg phonico covers deliver a rich, well balanced bass signal. The solid five-way switch plus the seriell/parallel wiring provide an unusually wide range of sounds for a bass, while the massive Duesenberg Triton Bass Bridge provides the necessary foundation to weld together an entire band. Elegant shapings on the top and back provide great ergonomics which, together with the Duesenberg typical perfect setup including PLEK fret processing, guarantee excellent playability of this longscale bass.

The Duesenberg Triton is available in Black and goldtop.

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