A boost pedal designed for guitar, and good enough for bass or keyboard.

Durham, NC (February 16, 2018) -- Dusky Electronics is proud to announce the newest addition to their pedal line up: the Mandorla. The Mandorla continues Dusky Electronics’ streak of offering unique, versatile gear for musicians that pays respect to the past and also offers something new. Drawing inspiration from vintage treble boost pedals from the ‘60s, the Mandorla updates the sound and dramatically increases the versatility of this venerable circuit.

The beauty of analog circuit design is that simple circuits can exhibit complex behavior. It’s the infidelities and inaccuracies in sound reproduction that make a circuit musical—that’s where magic happens. The concept for the Mandorla is to play to the inherent, delicious nonlinearity of the MOSFET transistor to showcase a circuit that misbehaves in the most beautiful way possible. It produces gobs of even-order harmonic distortion without clipping to produce a sound not unlike old tweed-era tube amps—clean, but colored. The ability to adjust the amount of bass frequencies in the boosted signal allows the user to tailor response for any electrified musical instrument so it can find its place in the mix.

The Mandorla offers:

  • Enough gain to push a clean tube amp into overdrive
  • Deliciously nonlinear MOSFET circuit that enhances harmonic content
  • Control over bass frequencies that helps any instrument sit in the mix
  • Great sound on guitar, bass, and keyboard
  • Operation from 9–18V power supplies
  • Unique, beautiful artwork on the case

The Mandorla will hit the streets on Feb 26, 2018​, has a street price of $160,​ and can be purchased directly from Dusky Electronics via their website, duskyamp.com, or at one of their fine dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Dusky Electronics

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