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Dwarfcraft Devices Releases the HAX2

The updated version allows users to have the choice of a square- or sine-wave ring mod.

Eau Claire, WI (November 19, 2018) -- A complete overhaul of one of their first effects pedals, HAX2 is lightyears beyond the circuit that inspired it. Users now have the choice of a square or sine wave ring mod, allowing for classic sci-fi tones and jarring new textures. Both waveforms have an extremely broad frequency range, from subsonic tremolo to laser blaster highs or, with just the right blend settings, a warm chorus-like effect. An envelope follower can apply users’ right hand dynamics to the frequency of the ring mod for subtle to extreme shifts that react to the vibe of the song.

HAX2 also boasts a bold filter mode that has a high preset resonance for maximum harmonic content without self-oscillation, and it shares the envelope following capabilities of the ring mod. This feature will allow for exciting percussive sounds, funky wahs and synth-like tone shaping.


  • Ring Modulator with either sine or square wave
  • Envelope following for ring mod and filter frequency
  • Lowpass and bandpass filters
  • Expression control over the frequency setting in both modes
  • Control voltage out sends the envelop out (0-8v)
  • 1590bb size enclosure
  • 9v Center negative power supply
  • True Bypass Soft Switching

HAX2 will retail for $249 and will be ready to ship in early December.

Watch the company's video demo:

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