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Dynamo Amplification Introduces GTS-C Combo

Dynamo Amplification Introduces GTS-C Combo

The new amp is available in head, combo, or rackmount configurations.

Lake Dallas, Texas (June 11, 2014) -- Dynamo Amplification introduces its new line of compact amplifiers. The GTS-C combo and Mini Head. Both are compact versions of the Grand Tour Series amplifiers. Three years ago Dynamo introduced the 200-watt GTS all-tube high gain two-channel guitar head built to military specs featuring audiophile-grade components and toroidal transformer that produced an amazing tone and astonishing power.

This was designed to drive high-power cabinets for professional touring and preforming artist. The GTS-C is built with the same circuit and components found in the full size version just in a newly re-designed compact chassis offering lower wattage options and lower price points with the availability of standard grade component options. This means Guitarist can now have the full tone of the GTS in a smaller package without compromising quality. This new series is easy to transport.

The GTS-C is available in a 1x12 combo, head, or 19" rackmount version in 20W (2x6V6) or 50W (2xEL34/6L6), or 100W (2xKT90) tube output configurations.

Price range starts at $1,900 up to $3,200 based on power and options.

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