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EC Custom Shop Announces the Super Switcher

Featuring 8 effects loops

Isreal (January 1, 2012) -- EC Custom Shop has announced the Super Switcher programmable switching system, designed as a solution for guitarists and bassists who use a lot of pedals.

The super switcher features:

  • 8 effect loops
  • 7 mono and 1 stereo return for stereo pedals
  • 7 X 3 presets for saving all presets easily
  • 5 Amp control relay functions for controlling amp channels, FX, tap tempo and more.
  • high quality input buffer selectable on\off for keeping the right tone when using long cables
  • Tuner out for silent tuning and keeping the tuner out of the audio path
  • Makes all your pedals true bypass
  • Each preset can be set as program or manual specific control over pedal

The Super Switcher features a link option that allows players to link two units together, citing these potential benefits:

1 - Put one backstage with all the pedals and amps and one of the stage front just as a controller to get clean stage operation
2 - Put one on the stage for your in front pedals and one back stage for your FX LOOP pedals
3 - Just to add more loops and controls
The super switcher will also be including a control output for the relay functions - together with custom amp cables that we make you could send only one cable to your amp - keeping the stage even cleaner.

Watch EC Custom Shop's video demo here:

For more information:
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