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Eden Amplification Announces the MicroTour Line, World Tour Pro Series, and CaliforniWAH Auto-Wah Pedal

Eden Amplification Announces the MicroTour Line, World Tour Pro Series, and CaliforniWAH Auto-Wah Pedal

The World Tour Pro series includes the WTP900 (900w -2x 450w Stereo), the WTP600 (600w Mono), and the WTPPRE Studio-Quality preamp.

Buffalo Grove, IL (February 15, 2015) -- Eden Bass Amplification introduces Bass Amplification on a different scale! Eden has always placed pride in making products more portable and accessible for bass players. Now with the launch of its new MicroTour, Eden has managed to take bass amplification to a new level. With easy to use controls and a surprisingly loud 2W amplifier, the MicroTour is sure to find its way into the hearts of many bass players who for years have been neglected while guitarists were offered a buffet of micro amplifiers.

Eden began designing this new amplifier with the simple question “How do we put the classic Eden tone in a micro bass amplifier?” After much research and engineering, Eden has succeeded in developing a micro amp that provides great bass response and tonality, allowing players access to an amplifier for practice at home and on the road. In addition to its custom designed, tuned and ported cabinet, the MicroTour features a specially designed compact bass driver to ensure that the amplifier and cabinet sound louder than they look. An additional 3.5mm headphone output also allows for silent practice. Running on either 8-AA batteries or an Eden 15V power supply (sold separately), the MicroTour can be played anywhere.

Eden Amplification is excited to unveil its new Flagship Line: the World Tour Pro Series. This new state of the art series includes the WTP900 (900w -2x 450w Stereo), the WTP600 (600w Mono), and the WTPPRE Studio Quality Preamplifier.

The front panel features are identical on all three models and include Eden’s proprietary Enhance Control, a studio quality compressor, Tube Mix control and a five band EQ. The World Tour Pro Series offers both active and passive inputs which are balanced to handle both the lowest and highest output instrument levels (from a standard vintage 4 string to a high output 18V modern active bass). Providing the revered Eden tone, the World Tour Pro offers both high headroom, clean tone and warm rounded tube tones. With its Tube Mix circuitry, every bassist can find their perfect tone by choosing how much of the amp’s 4 tube gain stages to dial in.

The back panel is even more impressive. For players who like their outboard equipment and effects, the World Tour Pro offers left and right 1/4”outputs, a stereo effect loop and pre EQ send and return on all models. Crossover control and a DI output section provide more flexibility. By offering a 3.5 mm jack for both headphone output and auxiliary input, the World Tour Pro is as useful in the studio and home as it is in your touring rack case.

Eden’s revolutionary new speaker output indication system (WTP900 and WTP600 models only) provides the solution to the question of correct cabinet impedance choices. By simply cycling between choices, the correct impedance cabinet options will illuminate in either green (4 Ohm) or amber (8 Ohm) or red lights signaling not to use the Speakon / 1/4” Jack combination sockets.

Even the chassis has been upgraded to feature all steel construction and a high-efficiency cooling system with three fans to make sure heat never builds up even when placing the amp in the tightest of racks.

Whether touring or in the studio, the flexibility of the World Tour Pro Series offers professional bassists a serious choice when they are looking for a road worthy rig for every possible situation.

Eden Bass Amplification is proud to introduce the CaliforniWAH Auto Wah pedal. Following in the footsteps of the popular WTDI Direct box and i90 Chorus pedal, the Californiwah offers up a wide array of tones and just might be the funkiest pedal you try this year! With adjustable low point, sensitivity, resonance and two different voicing modes, the Californiwah allows you to fine tune your filter preferences for your style of music. Whether you are playing Hip Hop, Reggae or just some old school funk, the Californiwah delivers the sounds you need to keep the groove fresh.

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