Legend Series Bass Guitar Drivers
Eminence is proud to introduce two new members to their popular Legend series of bass guitar drivers, the 12” Legend BP122 and 15” Legend BP1525. Eminence’s 10” Legend BP102 has been a favorite among bass players because of its rich, warm tone and the fact it can play really low in sealed cabinets. Expanding the offering, Eminence has developed a 12” and 15” model with the same versatile skill set. With a program power rating of 500 watts, the BP122 features a 2” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 35 Hz – 2.3 kHz. The 15” model is rated at 700 watts, utilizes a 2.5” voice coil and has a usable range of 35 Hz – 2.1 kHz.