Ernie Ball Music Man Debuts 2019 Line of John Petrucci Majesty Guitars

Six new colors added to popular Majesty guitar line, along with the ultra-premium Tiger Eye Majesty guitar.

Anaheim, CA (January 31, 2019) -- Ernie Ball Music Man, one of the world’s premier guitar and bass manufacturers, introduces its new 2019 edition John Petrucci Majesty guitars (one of the world’s best-selling artist signature models), as well as the new ultra-premium Tiger Eye Majesty guitar.

The new Majesty guitars are available in six new finish options: Red Sunrise, Blue Honu, Dark Roast, Enchanted Forest, Kinetic Blue, and Stealth Black. (Red Sunrise, Blue Honu, Dark Roast and Enchanted Forest feature a flamed maple shield in a lightweight African mahogany body. Kinetic Blue and Stealth Black come standard with a basswood body and no maple shield.) A polyester gloss finish is featured on front and back on all guitars (except for matte finish on Stealth Black). All include new DiMarzio custom signature Dreamcatcher (bridge) and Rainmaker (neck) pickups (along with onboard piezo bridge system), as well as a push volume feature for over 20dB gain boost, giving the Majesty a highly versatile palette of tones. Available in 6- and 7-string models. U.S. pricing: $2,999. Availability: April 1, 2019.

The ultra-premium Tiger Eye Majesty guitar is a visual masterpiece showcasing an enlarged carved flame top over an alder body (with matching flame maple headstock), a three-piece Honduran mahogany neck with a center strip of highly figured maple polyester gloss finish on front and back, 24 stainless steel frets, and the same pickup specs as the 2019 Majesty's. Available in 6- and 7-string models, the Tiger Eye Majesty is limited to 300 guitars worldwide and comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. U.S. pricing: $4,999. Availability: April 1, 2019.

John Petrucci remarks, “As if the Majesty weren’t already the absolute perfect guitar, EBMM found a way to make the 2019 models even more stunning! We slightly tweaked the pickups and dialed up the aesthetics to create what in my opinion are the most visually breathtaking and unbelievable sounding Majesty's to date! Can’t wait to show all of these off on Dream Theater’s upcoming Distance Over Time Tour!”

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