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Ernie Ball Music Man Launches the Expression Tremolo Pedal and Updates the the StingRay4 and StingRay5

Updated improvements include an enhanced contour that is rounded for more comfort, a sculpted neck joint, and streamlined bridge and saddles.

Ernie Ball

Anaheim, CA (January 26, 2018) -- Ernie Ball (Booth 5220, D5), the world's premier manufacturer of guitar strings, musical instrument accessories and volume pedals, introduces the new Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal, designed specifically to deliver foot-sweepable tremolo control, all without taking your hands off your guitar. The Expression Tremolo Pedal gives players more sonic expression than traditional stomp pedals in a roadworthy stunning violet and gold gloss metal casing. The Expression Tremolo Pedal features a sleek, compact design that maximizes playability, while providing a minimized footprint on stage or as part of a pedal board. Incorporating a virtually limitless tonal palette that simply can't be matched by traditional "on/off" stompboxes, the Expression Tremolo Pedal is constructed with a sealed aircraft-grade aluminum chassis that offers improved mechanical and electrical protection.

Features include:

  • Five different tremolo waveforms: Slow Rise, Slow Fall, Sine, Square, Harmonic
  • Control depth, rate, or both simultaneously with foot control
  • Spring reverb level adjustment
  • Mono Input/Mono Output
  • 9V Input (power supply not included)

The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal is available now at $249.00 SRP

Ernie Ball Music Man (Booth 5220, D5), one of the world’s premier guitar and bass manufacturers, has redesigned its acclaimed line of StingRay instruments with the StingRay4 (4-string) and StingRay5 (5-string) Bass Guitars.

For 2018, the StingRay4 and StingRay5 have been reimagined with new features and appointments that provide a new level of playing comfort while retaining that revered iconic StingRay sound. Updated improvements include an enhanced contour that is rounded for more comfort in any playing position, a sculpted neck joint for uninhibited upper fret access to all 22 stainless steel frets, new Ernie Ball Music Man streamlined bridge and saddles, and lightweight aluminum hardware providing a more balanced instrument. The new and improved StingRay electronics feature powerful neodymium magnets for higher output and a new 18-volt three-band preamp for extra clean headroom. Solid roadworthy construction, elegant pickguard, 3+1 (StingRay4) or 4+1 (StingRay5) tuning key configurations, and the ever-popular Ernie Ball Music Man humbucker, all together produce a look, feel and sound that is unmistakable.

The StingRay4 and StingRay5 have the following features:


  • Active Three-band preamp: Treble, Mid, Bass (Boost and Cut)
  • 18V of headroom


  • New Neodymium magnets


  • Offered in H and HH configurations
  • Contoured neck joint with five-bolt neck plate
  • New rounded arm contour for more comfort at different playing positions


  • Oil and Wax finish
  • 22 stainless steel frets
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Compensated nut
  • Lightweight Ernie Ball Music Man-designed tuning machines


  • New lightweight bridge with nickel-plated steel saddles

The StingRay4 and StingRay5 will be available in the following colors: Classic Natural, Vintage Tobacco Burst, Ivory White, Chopper Blue, Black or Jet Black, Cruz Teal, Aqua Sparkle, Charging Green, Burnt Apple, Charcoal Sparkle, Dropped Copper and HD Yellow.

The Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Basses will be available with the following pricing:

StingRay4 starting at $1999.00 SRP/MAP

StingRay4 HH starting at $2099.00 SRP/MAP

StingRay5 starting at $2099.00 SRP/MAP

StingRay5 HH starting at $2199.00 SRP/MAP

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