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ESP Guitars Expands with New LTD Models

ESP Guitars Expands with New LTD Models

The series has expanded with over 80 new guitar and bass models.

Anaheim, California (January 19, 2016) -- ESP Guitars has expanded their popular LTD Series with over 80 new guitar and bass models being introduced at the 2016 NAMM Show. “LTD is the bread and butter for our network of US dealers and international distributors,” says Matt Masciandaro, president and CEO of the ESP Guitar Company. “For more than 20 years, LTD has allowed musicians at all experience levels find an instrument that satisfies all of their needs and meets their budget requirements. We’re very proud of the new guitars and basses for 2016, and believe they will be well received by our dealers and customers.”

LTD’s new offerings for 2016 include big additions to their artist Signature Series. Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest is a new ESP artist, and his LTD GT-600 is based on the ESP Viper shape. Other new Signature Series artists to ESP include Alan Ashby (Of Mice & Men) with the LTD AA-600, Mille Petrozza (Kreator) with the E-II MK-1 and the LTD MK-600, Marco Mendoza (Dead Daisies) with the LTD MM-4 FM, and Ted Aguilar (Death Angel) with the LTD TED-600. ESP-playing legend George Lynch is debuting two LTD models with the GL-200 Sunburst Tiger and the Burnt Tiger. More new and updated Signature Series models from current ESP artists include Alex Skolnick (Testament) with the ESP ALEX SKOLNICK FR and LTD AS-1FR FM; Alex Wade, Ben Savage, and Zach Householder of Whitechapel with the AW-7B, BS-7B QM, and ZH-EC7B QM. Buz McGrath and Ken Susi (Unearth) with the BUZ-7QM and KS-M7 ET; Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) with the SC-607B and SC-608B, Max Cavalera (Soulfly) with the MAX-200 RPR; Michael Wilton of Queensrÿche with the MW-TRIRYCHE; Tom Araya of Slayer with the TA-604 FRX and TA-204 FRX; Will Adler (Lamb of God) with an update to the WA-WARBIRD; and Andy James with the E-II AJ-EC-7.

The LTD “400 Series” has long been respected for their combination of high quality and value, and are designed for serious touring and recording work with professional components and sturdy construction. Some exciting additions and updates in this range include the EC-401FR, EX-401, EX-401FR, M-400 Maple, M-400 Rosewood, MH-401FR QM, MH-401NT, MH-427, MS-400, TE-401, TE-401FM, TE-417, V-401, and Viper-401. Likewise, the LTD “200 Series” represents an excellent value for all musicians, and new/updated models include the EC-200, F-200B baritone, F-200FR, SN-200FR Maple, SN-200FR Rosewood, SN-200W Maple, SN-200W Rosewood, SN-200HT, TE-200 Maple, TE-200 Rosewood, and Viper-200B baritone.

LTD’s “1000 Series” (aka LTD Deluxe) guitars, designed for professional players, have also been updated with the addition of the H-1000 QM, H-1001FR, and SN-1000FR. Also, LTD’s group of guitars for beginning and budget-minded musicians have received updates with the new M-50NT, and exciting new finish choices available for the H-101FM, H-51, EX-50, and M-50FR. Finally, LTD’s line of basses which has grown to become one of the most popular bass lines available from any manufacturer, has been updated. Most noticeable are the B-1004SE Multi-Scale and the B-1005 Multi-Scale, two basses that use a special fret design to optimize string tension and ergonomics. The new H-1004SE and H-1005SE are based on the coveted ESP Horizon bass. More new and updated basses in the LTD Series include the AP-204; the B-204SM, B-205SM, B-206SM with spalted maple and See Thru Black Satin finishes; the B-1004SE and B-1005SE; the RB-1004SM and RB-1005SM designed with Rocco Prestia and now offered in a new See Thru Red finish, and the Stream-205, Stream-1004, and Stream-1005.

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