Faith Guitars Introduces Patrick James Eggle’s Legacy Series

The guitar's Canadian sitka spruce tops of these guitars have been kiln-aged through a process of torrefication.

East Northport, NY (August 8, 2018) -- Voted the UK’s best acoustic guitar for six years and counting, Faith guitars are known for all solid wood guitars with a superior fit &finish at a nice price. Faith is now setting a new bar for professional excellence at a $1,500 price point with PJE Legacy guitars.

The PJE Legacy Series guitars have an incredibly rich, warm, & mature sound that would otherwise take 20+ years of play to achieve.

The Canadian Sitka Spruce tops of these guitars have been kiln-aged through a process of torrefication. In basic terms, the Spruce is air dried before being roasted in a kiln with precise controls over atmospheric and oxygen levels to reduce its moisture content. Then as the wood cools, precise amounts of moisture are re-introduced to the wood.

This process also produces a rich golden color that radiates a truly authentic, flavorful vibe. And just like every Faith guitar, PJE Legacy Series are all solid wood - fine, torrefied Canadian Sitka Spruce for the top and beautifully figured African Khaya Mahogany for the back & sides.  The pickup system is Fishman’s latest “Flex-T-Blend” which combines the crispness of a piezo undersaddle pickup with the more characterful tones of an internal condenser mic.  The controls are beautifully discreet and don’t distract from the guitar’s contour.

Available in Earth, Neptune and Mars series. MAP from $1,399 -$1,499.

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