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Felix Martin Launches FM Guitars

Felix Martin Launches FM Guitars

The brand will focus on 12-, 14- and 16-string guitars that are designed for tapping.

Los Angeles, CA (December 10, 2020) -- Los Angeles based guitarist Felix Martin launches FM Guitars, a brand that focuses on guitars with 12-, 14- and 16-strings specialized for tapping.

"Playing two guitars simultaneously opens up many more possibilities on the guitar such as being able to play new chords, stacked chords (close voicings), chord-melody, percussion techniques, dual melodic ideas, new "shred" techniques, etc. The guitars can also be in stereo to have different FXs on each fretboard"

The guitars have one wide neck with two fretboards on it with these being the string setups:

  • 12-strings: 6+6
  • 14-strings: 7+7
  • 16-strings: 8+8

Every guitar is specifically designed with ergonomics in mind to play tapping, as well as the traditional guitar techniques. The FM Guitars line consists of 3 different models. FM being the most common. The FMS and the FMT have a more traditional look. Every guitar can be built with any desired specifications (scale length, multi-scale, etc.)

While the guitars can be played using standard guitar techniques, they can be played with finger-style as well by using a custom guitar capo called "Chordinero" which is currently being built.

FM Guitars can also make basses in the same way. The announcement for that will come in a few weeks.

The guitars are currently played by artists such as Yas Nomura, Ando San, Hedras, and of course, Felix Martin. They are also currently making guitars for Jose Macario, Sarah Longfield, Ichika, and more.

"I've been working on launching this guitar brand since 2013, but I didn't have the resources, it finally came true in 2020 with the support of 15 guitar owners prior the announcement. That's how I finally started this brand" says Felix Martin.

The starting price is $1200 for a 12-string guitar and the guitars can be custom made with any specs and different parts.

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