Fender Custom Shop Releases Bob Bain “Son of the Gunn” Telecaster

Master Builder Paul Waller has created a limited-edition reproduction of Bain’s favorite axe—with only 30 units available worldwide.

Los Angeles, CA (March 22, 2017) -- The Fender Custom Shop Bob Bain “Son of the Gunn” Telecaster will be released on April 4, ideal for collectors, players, and session guitarists. The legendary guitarist who has played on sessions with Frank Sinatra, Nat Cole, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones and many others, idealized his Telecaster as his number one guitar. And now, Fender Custom Shop’s Master Builder Paul Waller has created a limited edition reproduction of Bain’s favorite axe – with only 30 units available worldwide at select premium Custom Shop dealers beginning April 4.

The 1953 Telecaster was used on 1,000 of sessions, famously known for riffing the featured sound of Mancini’s “Peter Gunn,” TV’s “Batman” theme and Lalo Shrifrin’s “Mission Impossible” theme. The guitar was built for players who want a versatile and reliable instrument that will allow for years of playing and nostalgia. Additionally, it may have even more appeal to guitarists playing a wide variety of styles with a tremolo. The Die-hard Blackguard Tele is one of our most popular guitars of all time and this modification is legendary along with the sound that it produces. At 91-years old – after countless sessions and 22 years playing on the Tonight Show – he’s still playing this guitar – one that was built to last. The unique modifications allowed him to play on a huge variety of sessions from rock, blues, jazz, country and more. The innovations at the time were one-of-a-kind and were imitated but never re-created, until now.

Key features include:

  • Replica of Bob’s modified 1953 Fender Blackguard Telecaster
  • Masterbuilt by Paul Waller
  • Custom Relic lacquer finish replicating original guitar’s wear and tear
  • Two-piece off-center select ash body
  • 1-piece maple neck with soft “V” backshape
  • 7.25” radius fingerboard
  • 21 vintage frets
  • Hand-wound ’51 Nocaster® bridge pickup
  • Seymour Duncan® ’59 humbucking neck pickup
  • Bigsby B16 vibrato tailpiece
  • Deluxe hardshell case with certificate of authenticity

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