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Fender Releases the Engager Boost, Pelt Fuzz, and Full Moon Distortion Pedals

The new pedals feature all-original circuits designed by in-house experts.

Los Angeles, CA (September 6, 2018) -- Fender is introducing three NEW, effects pedals with all-original circuits designed by in-house experts. Today, we released them to dealers globally and on and previously previewed them at Summer NAMM in Nashville. This is the next step in a long-term commitment to pedals and growing our offering for players. We started with reverb, delay, overdrive, distortion, compression and buffering effects in February, and now we’re bringing some more heavier, gritty rock tones to players with these three just-released additions:

The Engager Boost ($89.99)

Every now and then you need to kick your sound up a notch. Whether you’re looking for more volume or fatter tone, the Engager Boost is the ideal clean boost pedal. This pedal is an essential part of a guitar players rig if they want to cut through the mix due to the 20 decibels of boost. The onboard 3-band EQ lets you shape your tone to cut through a mix while the Frequency switch lets you select the middle frequency range, ideal for shaping your tone precisely. The Engager Boost is also perfect for boosting your signal into a tube amplifier’s preamp, thickening your tone

Watch the Engager Boost video demo:

The Pelt Fuzz ($129.99)

A good fuzz pedal is indispensable—this gloriously splatty, satisfying sound has been the cornerstone of rock tone for decades. An all original design, The Pelt Fuzz has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. All the familiar controls are there: Level, Fuzz and Tone, along with a Bloom control to shape the contours of your sound. Our secret-weapon Mid switch lets you boost or cut the midrange for even more voicing options, while the Thick switch adds some girth to your sound. Offering players a way to capture the rock and roll tones artists such as Jimmy Hendrix and the Smashing Pumpkins relied heavily on.

Watch the Pelt Fuzz video demo:

Full Moon Distortion ($149.99)

Building off the success of pugilist distortion pedal, Fender is introducing the Full Moon Distortion – Fender’s first ever high-gain distortion. Packed with brutal, high-gain tone and sound-shaping options galore, the Full Moon Distortion pedal has everything you need to unleash sonic mayhem. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping modes are lurking under the Texture switch while the Bite switch shifts the upper-midrange and harmonics to bring out your pick attack, letting you cut and chug through the mix with ease. As an added feature, there is an optional 12 decibels to give you the added push you need on stage

Watch the Full Moon Distortion video demo:

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