Fredric Effects Unveils the BugCrusher

An analog sample rate reducer that goes from fizzle and crunch to ring-mod craziness.

North London, UK (December 7, 2017) -- The BugCrusher is an analog sample rate reducer—a sample & hold circuit run at audio rates—which produces aliasing effects on your signal. With the rate set high this imparts a clear fizzle & crunch, while at low rates any high frequencies will seem to wrap-around in an effect somewhat akin to a clean ring-mod.

Despite the name, the BugCrusher is not an actual BitCrusher. Most BitCrusher effects will have sample rate (x-axis quantization) and bit depth (y-axis quantization) and are typically digital in nature.

Tom Bugs, the creator, says "Back when I was making BugCrushers, they were well liked for processing synths & drum machines, but the effect also has found favour with bassists as the low frequencies can pass through cleanly while the highs are crunched".

Fredric Effects BugCrusher (£120 RRP)

For more information:
Fredric Effects

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