Friedman Unveils the ASC-12 Powered Monitor

A two-way, 500-watt powered monitor designed specifically for guitar amp modelers and profilers.

North Hollywood, CA (June 19, 2017) -- Friedman Amplification has unveiled the new ASC-12 two-way, 500-watt powered modeler/profiler monitor.

The Friedman ASM-12 took the industry by storm in 2016 and has quickly become the go to active stage monitor for players using modelers and profilers. The new ASC-12 offers the same features and sound as the ASM-12, but in a familiar combo style cabinet.

The Friedman ASC-12 powered monitor was designed and voiced for use with today’s guitar amp modelers and profilers including Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, Kemper Profiler, Line 6 Helix Series and others. The ASC-12 delivers rich authentic tones, allowing you get the most out of these systems in live use and playback applications. And, it looks just like a speaker cabinet that would be used with a separate head.

The ASC-12 features a Celestion 12″ loudspeaker with a 2.5″ edge wound voice coil and a premium Celestion high frequency compression driver. At the heart of the ASC-12 is a robust 500w Bi-Amp Class-G amplifier that is anything but digital. This proprietary amplifier design delivers rich, full tone and a wide frequency response making it suited for backline, stage monitoring or even as your main PA speaker.


  • 12” 2-Way Active Cabinet for use with modelers/profilers
  • Bi-Amp power amplifier module with high efficiency Class G low frequency amplification
  • High current output stage and custom signal processing
  • Made in USA using premium worldwide components
  • LF Transducer - Celestion - 12” speaker with 2.5” edge wound voice coil
  • HF Transducer - Celestion PETP film compression driver with 1.75” voice coil
  • Maximum total burst power - 500W
  • Low Cut Filer (switchable) - 3rd order Butterworth @ 100Hz
  • Controls - Level knob, Low-cut filter switch, Ground lift switch, Power switch, AC fuse, 115/230V switch
  • Indicators/Power - Power, Protect, Limit, Signal
  • Amplifier Protection - Short circuit, Clip-limiter, Overheat mute, SOA output stage, Driver DC protection, Subsonic filter, Turn-n mute and soft ramp, Turn-on inrush current limiting
  • Connectors - Balanced female XLR input / Balanced male XLR link output
  • Baltic birch plywood construction
  • Dimensions - 18.5" x 19" x 30"
  • Weight - 52 lbs.

MAP and MSRP for the ASC-12 is $899.

For more information:
Friedman Amplification

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