FU-Tone Releases Brass Block Upgrade for Ibanez Edge Zero II

The block aims to add increased sustain, clarity, definition, and warmth to your tone.

Washington Crossing, PA. (July 2, 2020) -- FU-Tone.com, The Original Tremolo Upgrade Company, launches new brass block upgrade for Ibanez Edge Zero II Tremolos.

The FU-Tone.com Team is excited to announce the launch of their new Edge Zero II Brass sustain Block.

In an effort to continue development of products that improve tonal and performance options for guitarists, FU-Tone has developed the Edge Zero II Brass Sustain Block which adds increased sustain, clarity, definition and warmth to the overall sound of your guitar.

Founder and President of FU-Tone.com, Adam Reiver said of them, “The Edge Zero II upgrade was a highly requested item. Keeping our line of Ibanez upgrade products growing is important to our clients. This upgrade sounds and performs at the same high level that is expected from FU-Tone.”

Pricing: $49.95

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