Black Ice models feature G&L’s newly- developed NENA finish for enhanced body resonance.

Fullerton, CA (October 24, 2012) – The new Black Ice Collection takes G&L’s Nearly Naked (NENA) finish in a whole new direction with a bad-ass look for players ready to grab the spotlight. As with the 2012 Special Collection, Black Ice models feature G&L’s newly- developed NENA finish for enhanced body resonance, but his time around, no pickguard comes between your eyes and the dramatic Black Ice finish.

Having worked with a variety of staining and burnishing techniques, G&L craftsmen developed the Nearly Naked finish blending old-world techniques with modern finish technology. While the NENA vision was all about highlighting the natural beauty of swamp ash, artists never stop exploring. Before long G&L master painter Malcolm McLamore had developed Black Ice, a sleek matte black base with silver highlights embedded in the sweeping grain of the body wood.

G&L’s new Black Ice Collection includes five popular guitar and bass models: ASAT Classic Bluesboy, ASAT Deluxe II, Legacy Deluxe, M-2000 and M-2500 basses, all featuring two- piece swamp ash bodies, Eastern maple necks with maple fingerboards and ultra-thin Nearly Naked Black Ice finish. Like all USA-made G&L instruments, PLEK fret leveling provides the ultimate in feel and playability. The G&L Black Ice Collection is proudly made in the USA at G&L’s factory on Fender Ave. in Fullerton, California.

G&L Black Ice models will begin shipping in October 2012 with the following suggested retail prices: ASAT Classic Bluesboy $1,650, ASAT Deluxe II $1,800, Legacy Deluxe $1,650, M- 2000 Bass $1,900 and M-2500 Bass $2,050.

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