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"Affen Dunstan PederZen, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for MOLS, which he calls ""a melancholic pop-rock band,"" is a self-professed effects junkie who runs this board into a Vox AC15 Custom. The pedals are a Boss TU-2 Tuner, a Behringer DC9 Compressor (""I rarely use this this since I rarely play clean parts""), Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator (which he say's he's ditched in favor of an acoustic guitar), Boss OD-1 Overdrive (used for ""pretty much everything rhythmic""), Boss DS-1 Distortion (for playing leads ""which is not very often""), Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, (""for some sparkle""), Boss NS-2, DigiTech DigiDelay, and a Line 6 Verbzilla (often combined with the DigiDelay ""for those Edge-ish moments""). "