This month''s gear search gallery highlights two extremely limited amps.

Limited runs are so common in the guitar industry that it seems like there’s a new 1-of-1000 guitar or amp every week. It’s a double-edged sword; this allows more people to get their hands on a limited instrument, but it also makes it less special. Of course, when the number of available instruments drops to 100 or fewer, the dynamic changes. $0 $0 We’re happy to bring you two extremely limited amps. One is the second in a set of 100, the other is a member of a very limited family of 40 lovely ladies. Thanks to Teddy Gordon of Make’n Music in Chicago for making these rarities available on Gear Search. Whether you’ve got the funds for a limited piece or are looking for something a bit more common and affordable, chances are it’s on Gear Search. There are more than 47,000 pieces of gear listed, including some of the hardest-to-get gear in the world. $0 $0 Carol-Ann JB-100 Joe Bonamassa Signature Head $0 This amp is the first of an extremely limited, 10-piece signature edition. It was used on stage by Joe Bonamassa [Northampton, MA show] and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. The JB-100 shares the same specs as Joe's personal amps and is personally roadtested by Joe. The amp is a 100-watt, 6L6-powered head with two channels and a footswitch. The EQ of the lead channel is set internally and will be preset to Joe's settings. Tonally, the gain level of the OD channel uses less preamp gain than an OD2 and has a fatter low end. This is the first JB-100 Signature model available to the public and bears serial number 2—Joe has number 1. The JB-100 is listed on Gear Search for $5,495. $0 $0 Orange 40th Anniversary Custom Shop Head $0 This is one of only 40 Custom Shop hand-wired, 40th anniversary heads. Each sports a unique circuit and is individually serialized with a different girl's name. With only 40 hand-built during Orange’s 40th year, these amps are the company’s most sought-after. Each has a unique circuit; some are more like the original “Pics Only” amp that the heads are cosmetically based on, while others are completely different. $0 $0 Eschewing serial numbers for names, Orange has so-far produced Isabelle, Jennifer, Edith, Sadie, Betty, Judy, Michelle and this amp. There are 33 more to be named. The amps will be distributed internationally, so only a few will end up in each country. One of the first in the United States, this one is named Daisy, and it’s listed on Gear Search for $5,999.

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