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GALLERY: NAMM 2018 Day 3

The third day of NAMM was full of tone toys from Boss, Marshall, Vola, Marshall, Diamond Pedals, and more.

Jennings Guitars

Jennings Guitars Catalina and Voyager

Camarillo, CA's Jennings Guitars has been around about three years, but this is the company's first NAMM show. The company uses just two basic body designs, the Catalina and Voyager (seen here) but offers what seems like a gazllion custom options for each. The Voyager Deluxe pictured here is a semi hollow version of what's typically a solid body. Quality is excellent, which makes the starting prices $2,099 (for the solid Voyager) to $2,399 (for the Voyager Deluxe) a pretty nice deal. And with options from baritone configurations to Gold Foil-style humbuckers, Mastery and Bigsby trem, and a multitude of inlays, the possibilities for creating a very personal instrument abound.