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GALLERY: Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Gear

What Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee are using on their "Clockwork Angels" tour.

Alex Lifeson's Amps

Alex Lifeson's Amps
The Lerxst Omega heads are built by Steve Snyder at Mojo Tone and based on Marshall 2553 and 2550 Silver Jubilee heads that Lifeson used on the latest album. "Really nice saturation, great warmth. I'm really, really happy with it," he explains. He says of the Mesa/Boogie Mark V setup: "It's got, like, nine amps in it. I loved the way that sounded for all the clean stuff." While he still incorporates the Coreblade into his rig, he told us, "After hearing the Marshall, I thought the [Coreblade's] sound was a little bit thin, a little processed compared to a screaming, single-purpose amp."

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