PG dives into gear details with Phoenix, Warpaint, Third Eye Blind, Moon Taxi, the Shins, and others playing the massive Atlanta festival.

Con Brio’s Jonathan Kirchner

Starting Sunday with a bang, the Con Brio bassist gets loose with his mahogany semi-hollow, MIJ Fender Jazz bass that he had this to say about: “I was going for a mix of the McCartney hollow, woody tone and the James Jameson/Willie Weeks thick Fender tone. And Tomastik Jazz flats are my string of choice for a light touch and some nice snap.”

A bone nut being back-filed for proper string placement and correct action height.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to change your acoustic guitar’s tone and playability.

In my early days, all the guitars I played (which all happened to be pre-1950s) used bone nuts and saddles. I took this for granted, and so did my musician friends. With the exception of the ebony nuts on some turn-of-the-century parlors and the occasional use of ivory, the use of bone was a simple fact of our guitar playing lives, and alternative materials were simply uncommon to us.

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Johnny Winter's Burning Blues by Corey Congilio

Learn to rip like one of the all-time masters of modern electric blues.

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