Good news, folks: Guitar is alive and well! PG headed south to Atlanta for three days to celebrate performances (and gather guitar details) from Beck, Gary Clark Jr., Tame Impala, Tyler Childers, Incubus, the Struts, Cage the Elephant, Tash Sultana, and more!

Oh Sees’ John Dwyer

Many fan art and t-shirt depictions of Dwyer showcase him in this manner: possessed, frantic, and most importantly, powerful. Seen here in overdrive with his custom Electrical Guitar Company SG-style companion, carries out the frantic ending of “Nite Expo.” During a 2017 interview with PG, Dwyer explains two unique things about his guitar: “I do three tunings live. I do a drop-D standard thing, a couple of Elizabeth Cotten tunings—like open G—and then I do this tuning I used to do with this band, Pink and Brown, where the lowest gauge string is dropped down to the next string up, so it would be a double A and then the top two strings would be tuned to the same B. I use .060-gauge strings right now.

Yeah, they’re Dungeon & Dragons knobs. This kid makes them. They’re awesome. I loved D&D when I was a kid and it still has play in my writing now in a weird way. I think role playing is just a huge metaphor for life [laughs]. They’re 10-sided dice and have pointed edges. It makes it super-easy to turn up and down by rolling your finger across it—even more so than a normal knob. I really like them for that. I can do volume tricks with it.”