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Goldbug Guitars Hombre & Lenore

Goldbug''s handcrafted Hombre & Lenore spare to attention to detail

Another head-turning company that we ran into at NAMM, Goldbug is known for making exquisite handcrafted ornamental hardware for guitars and other fretted instruments. The company’s new guitars, the Lenore and the Hombre (prototype shown), showcase the kind of attention to detail you’re used to seeing in fine jewelry.

The Hombre is described as a Spencer 56–50 Carbine Guitar that celebrates the heritage of the 19th century. It features a Derringer replica and holster, real cartridge control knobs and switch-tip, solid sterling silver hardware, original design “Tru-Tap” pickups, thematic inlays and a hand-rubbed antique rifle stock finish. The fifty-six instruments being made come in a custom military firearms shipping crate. MSRP $11,900.

The Lenore commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe with solid sterling silver hardware, thematic inlays, original design “Tru-Tap” pickups and a hand-rubbed antique violin finish. The forty instruments being made come in a custom “Double-Gun” case. MSRP $12,900.