Mostly acoustic-backed, sample-rich tunes are full of super-catchy hooks that partner well with his honest and interesting lyrics

Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn't
Secretly Canadian

Musically diverse indeed, Sweden has long produced gems from the genre spectrum, be it classical to the fiercest of death metal. But it’s probably best known for pop exports, and Jens Lekman keeps that tradition alive with his latest release, I Know What Love Isn’t.

Lekman, 31, is not a newcomer by any means. He’s been at it for a while, but this was my introduction to the guitarist/songwriter, and I was pretty impressed from the get-go. With hints of Morrissey to Belle and Sebastian (it’s a little difficult to compare the uniqueness of Lekman’s sound to other artists), the mostly acoustic-backed, sample-rich tunes are full of super-catchy hooks that partner well with his honest and interesting lyrics.

This isn’t pop in the power vein. It’s most certainly melodic, but it doesn’t drag or mope. Lekman really keeps things interesting from track to track with the wide range of tempos, styles, and instruments or samples he employs. Add to that his talents as a skilled storyteller—sometimes serious, sometimes not—and you have a combination for a distinctively awesome record. —Rich Osweiler

Must-hear track: “I Know What Love Isn’t”

Johnny Marr’s latest LP spans influences from New Order to the Staple Singers while staying rooted in his clockwork timing and copious talents as arranger and melodicist.

When the great Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes passed away earlier this year, I thought a lot about Johnny Marr. Marr was moved deeply by the girl groups of the ’60s—their positivity, energy, and the convergence of ecstasy and melancholy in the music. He was even fired up by the audaciousness of their style: The impressive beehive hairdo worn by Spector’s bandmate Estelle Bennett famously inspired the jet-black pile Marr wore at the height of Smiths fame.

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