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Rig Rundown: AC/DC

Angus and Stevie Young might have the simplest rigs in rock—SGs and Gretsches into Marshalls—but their techs explain the nuances that help these Aussies get their signature snarl.

After Malcolm retired in 2014, the Young brothers filled the vacancy by keeping it in the family and welcomed nephew Stevie Young into the band. To keep the sound as consistent as possible, Malcolm essentially loaned Stevie his entire live rig including this 1963 Gretsch G6131 Jet Firebird. This instrument was Malcolm’s No. 2, but for the Rock or Bust tour it has been Stevie’s go-to. This one still has the original bridge Filter’tron and Burns tremolo. All of Stevie’s guitars are equipped with D’Addario (.012-.056) strings with a wound G.

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