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Rig Rundown: All Souls' Antonio Aguilar

Strats with presto-chango pickguards power folk and flamenco flourishes mingled with kerranging rock and Melvins-esque metal.

His pedal playground starts on the bottom row with a two pairs of stomps—delays and distortions—that give Jekyll and Hyde functions. The simple slap sounds are handled by the MXR Carbon Copy, while the DigiTech DigiDelay handles, deeper, richer, weirder sounds. As for filth, the Tomsline AGR-3 Greenizer gooses the amp with a predictable TS touch, but the MXR Distortion+ wallops alongside for thick saturation and sustain. The top row is home to staples like the MXR Custom Comp and BOSS FRV-1 Fender Reverb, but at the top-right corner sits the DigiTech Mosaic, which acts as a 12-string emulator, providing Antonio a cheaper solution than buying a Rick for shimmering and jangling open chords. Finally, a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner keeps his guitars in check. 

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