With a new Ibanez signature model and an ultraportable plug-and-play rig, the rock heroine travels light to create the heavy tones on her new solo debut, Controlled Chaos.

A longtime Ibanez fan—especially of the company’s S-series designs, Nita Strauss now has her own signature Ibanez JIVA10 model. The JIVA10 is based on her old, beloved S and features Nita’s own design touches, including an EGK-pattern inlay up the fretboard. Its heartbeat wave gets more intense as it climbs into the high frets, since that’s where the shredding—and the excitement—typically happens. The guitar has a solid Nyatoh body with a quilted maple top, a maple-and-purpleheart neck, an ebony fretboard, and an Edge Zero II double-locking tremolo bridge.

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