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Rig Rundown: Pelican

See how the twin-guitar attack rocks SGs, classic tube heads, and strategically set delays that help birth epic post-metal jams.

Luthier Dave Johnson built this mean machine for Dallas Thomas, who proposed a crazy concept of combining three of his favorite Gibsons into one guitar. The creation is an SG body, Les Paul Custom neck, and a Flying V headstock. (Fun fact: Johnson got his foot in the luthier door at Nashville’s Gruhn Guitars, before founding Scale Model Guitars.) The lone pickup is a Lace Finger Burner and it is equipped with D’Aaddario XL EPS600 Pro Steel .013–.056 strings that are tuned to B. He used to play steel picks but was shredding through too many strings so he now goes with the Dunlop Jazz IIIs.

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