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Gervana Introduces the Ding Mao

Gervana Introduces the Ding Mao

A dual function pedal that uses a uses a JFET circuit to provide up to +20db of clean boost.

Nashville, TN (August 16, 2018) -- Gervana announces the launch of the new Ding Mao pedal, a dual-function boost and overdrive. The Ding Mao is the first release in a new series of pedals from Gervana that show the company expanding the availability of its handmade pedals to North America and beyond.

The Ding Mao’s boost function uses JFET to amplify the signal, providing up to +20db of clean boost without any coloration. Basic EQ is handled by the boost treble and boost bass knobs. This boost provides a wider dynamic range and allows for significant changes in tone with just the use of your picking dynamics and the guitar’s volume knob.

The Ding Mao’s overdrive delivers smooth, tube-like overdrive ranging from a “hot clean” drive to aggressive classic rock tone. Simply use the drive level for volume, bass and treble EQ knobs, and the D.Drive to adjust the amount of overdrive in your signal. This overdrive sounds great on its own, but it certainly plays well with others, enhancing the natural tone of your main rig’s preamp section.

Each effect has an independent input/output section so you are not locked-in to having a specific signal chain. The effects are bridged internally, however, so when you want the boost and overdrive next to each other there is no need for a third cable.

Gervana’s Ding Mao offers the following features:

  • Boost section -- Three knobs to control Volume, Bass and Treble
  • Drive section – Four knobs to control Drive, Volume, Bass and Treble
  • Independent input/output for each section
  • True bypass switching
  • 9-volt operation via battery or standard DC power input

The Ding Mao carries a street price of $149.99.

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