GHS Strings Introduces BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers

The strings are designed for players looking for the added range of a low B string on a 4-string bass.

Battle Creek, MI (June 1, 2017) -- GHS Strings are delighted to introduce the BEAD-tuned Bass Boomers, for players looking for the added range of a low B string, but who don’t want to play a 5-string bass.

Until now, players of 4-string basses who wanted a low B string had to either purchase separate, individual strings or a 5-string set and throw away the G string.

With the GHS BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers, players of 4-string basses can now buy exactly what they want without all the hassle. These bass string sets provide exactly what players of Bass Boomers have come to expect; deep low end with a midrange crunch that cuts through a band mix.

The BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers are available in Medium Light, Medium and Heavy. They come in the 37.25” winding length.

Please note, these sets are optimized for BEAD tuning on a 4-string bass and should not be tuned up to standard EADG tuning.

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