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Greuter Audio Presents the Fuller Drive

A low-to-mid gain overdrive aimed at emulating tube-like breakup.

Zürich, Switzerland (May 12, 2017) -- The Greuter Fuller Drive is a very expressive, low-to-mid-gain overdrive pedal.

Thanks to the discrete JFET circuit design, it acts like a good tube amp and offers a high-dynamic range with lots of headroom, very lively character and natural compression. It’s extremely sensitive to your pick attack and to your guitar volume.

The basic idea was to build an overdrive pedal that can produce the break-up point we love in tube amplifiers. It's clean when played soft and overdriven with a hint of compression when hit hard.

The top boost switch lifts higher frequencies and boosts for more gain, and the Fuller Drive with its sensitivity and the controls it’s a very flexible little helper for musicians how care about tone and feel.

With the two toggle switches you can dial from low gain to top boost, which boosts higher frequencies and adds more gain. The lower switch toggles from a fat bottom to tighter low end.

The tone control turns from warm smooth to bright and sparkly.

With the combination of the drive and volume controls you can dial in punchy clean to saturated overdrive with rich overtones. Or just use your guitars volume knob to control the amount of gain. Works beautifully with bass guitars too.

All Greuter pedals are hand built in Switzerland with high quality components. The jfet transistors are hand selected and fine tuned for the most enjoyable performance.


  • Tube amp-like dynamics and response
  • Discrete jfet circuit design
  • Hand selected, matched and biased jfets
  • Top Boost switch for more presence and gain
  • Bass Cut for thighter low end
  • High quality components
  • Switchcraft jacks, not attached to pcb.
  • Top mounted input jacks and DC-jack
  • True Bypass
  • Works with standard 9v center-negative adapters (not incl.)
  • Available in various beautiful colors.

Price: 290.— $/€/CHF

Watch the company's video demo:

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