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Hagerman Amplification Unveils Boost and Overdrive Pedals

The Overdrive features a 12AX7 tube, while the Boost houses a an EF86 pentode in the circuit.

Honolulu, HI (November 1, 2019) -- Hagerman Amplification has introduced two new boutique pedals, primarily designed for studio use. They offer superb signal-to-noise performance, true bypass, and a buffered output capable of driving long cables or other pedals with ease. Designed new from scratch (not clones), only the best materials and components were selected, including metal-film resistors and polypropylene capacitors. A built-in low noise boost converter provides high voltage for proper tube bias and operation.

Overdrive is a 12AX7 vacuum tube pedal with enough gain to push itself into classic preamp-style overdrive, delivering warm, fat, crunchy, and rich tones. Bass and treble tone controls offer a wide range of intuitive adjustment.

Boost employs an EF86 pentode to deliver warm, clean gain for overdriving amplifier inputs or other pedals. A simple tone control lets you contour the result, reducing muddiness and maintaining punch.

  • All discrete vacuum tube circuitry
  • True bypass
  • Custom metal enclosure
  • 9V power supply, tube included

The Boost pedal is $269 and Overdrive is $279, available directly from website.

Watch the company's video demo:

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