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Henretta Engineering Releases "No-Knob" Line of Pedals

Henretta Engineering Releases "No-Knob" Line of Pedals

These all-analog pedals feature internal trim controls to allow guitarists to tweak the sound.

St. Paul, MN (November 18, 2013) -- Henretta Engineering’s line of eight hand-made, all-analog “No-Knobber” effect pedals provide guitarists with boutique pedal tone in a small footprint.

The little pedals feature internal trimmers, allowing players to dial in the right sound without having to worry about re-setting parameters at every setup. They are perfect for the gigging guitar player and active jammer.


  • True bypass switching
  • High quality jacks
  • Hand soldered all-analog circuitry
  • Standard 9VDC, negative tip power adapter operation
  • Rugged powder coated enclosures
  • Compression, Fuzz, Boost, Overdrive, Octave Up, Auto Filter, Tremolo, and Preamp circuits available.

Street: $125

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