Independent Documentary Film “TURN IT UP!”  Turns To Guitar Fans for Funding

Los Angeles, CA (November 2, 2012) – Independent film company Loud and Louder has launched a 60-day campaign to raise the finishing funds for “Turn It UP!,”  a feature-length documentary

Los Angeles, CA (November 2, 2012) – Independent film company Loud and Louder has launched a 60-day campaign to raise the finishing funds for “Turn It UP!,”  a feature-length documentary celebrating the electric guitar.

Hosted by Kevin Bacon, the film’s cast includes B.B. King, Slash, Les Paul, Robby Krieger, Paul Stanley, Nancy Wilson, Steve Lukather, Skunk Baxter, Jerry Cantrell, Albert Lee, Carl Verheyen, Rick Vito and many other extraordinary guitar players.

Directed by Robert Radler and produced by Doug Forbes, the film is finally finished. However, the filmmakers still need to license the archival clips and music to complete the final post-production. Fans can contribute to the final stretch by visiting this page.

Once on the site, backers can help fund the film and receive specialized premiums for their support. Perks for donors range from guitar picks to private lessons by Rock Stars, collectible guitars, or even a co-producer credit in the film.

In 2007, veteran filmmakers Robert Radler and Doug Forbes set out to make the definitive documentary about the electric guitar, “Turn It UP!” Five years and 146 hours of footage later, Radler and Forbes have crafted a feature-length documentary that celebrates the electric guitar. The film explores the passionate relationship between artists and their instruments with revealing interviews and performances. While tracing the historical development of the guitar, “Turn It UP!” also touches on the iconic status of the electric guitar in pop culture, from politics to personal salvation. More than one artist in the film states, “the guitar saved my life.”

Anchored by host Kevin Bacon, “Turn It UP!” features in-depth, personal conversations and performances by guitar legends as well as passionate amateurs. The film features some of the last interviews with the great Les Paul, who was playing and inspiring musicians well into his 90’s, until his death in 2009.

A classic rock legend, Paul Stanley of KISS, gets to the heart of the matter when he says, “Nothing says rock and roll, and sex . . . like a low-strung, low-hung electric guitar.” Told with humor and passion, the film also profiles committed amateur players like Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, and phenomenal young virtuosos like Kristen Capolino and Jared Stamey, both 16 years old at the time of filming.

Facing the chronic budget challenges of making an independent documentary film, Forbes and Radler have turned to the crowd funding website, with a campaign to raise the final funds for licensing the music in the film. “We’ve spent the better part of two years negotiating the rights for music and archival film clips used in Turn It UP! Now, we finally have agreements lined up and are turning to fans of the film for help,”,says Doug Forbes, producer of Turn It UP!

In the brave new world of financing documentary films, crowd funding is the red-hot path for connecting audiences with filmmakers. “It’s a completely different financial model now for independent film making,” according to Robert Radler, veteran director of action films like the ‘Best of the Best’ series. “People can connect directly with projects, and become invested in the artistic process. Sites like make that possible.” Producer Doug Forbes, a long-time producer of music specials for HBO agrees: “For a small film, with a dedicated audience like “Turn It UP!,” it is essential to get fans involved, or the film may never be seen.”

The Turn It UP! Campaign is currently anticipating completion of the film in the Spring of 2013.

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