J. Rockett Audio Designs Releases the Majestic Overdrive

An overdrive designed to cop legendary rock tones from the 1970s.

Nashville, TN (August 24, 2016) -- J. Rockett Audio Designs has announced another product release of the Tour Series line. The Tour Series is comprised of products designed with the influence of a host of top Nashville and LA touring artists to address their needs on the road.

The collaborations have continued with the release of the J. Rocket Audio Designs Majestic OD. The Majestic is an OD designed to cop legendary '70s rock tones with an astonishing feel and clarity, The Majestic can be used as an exquisite low gain drive or a thick and chewy OD. The magic in the Majestic is within the feel of each note and how chewy and expressive it is.


  • 4 controls: Volume, Bass, Treble and Gain
  • I/O jacks at the head of the pedal
  • Germanium Diodes
  • 9V DC operation with standard – tip and + sleeve
  • Approximately 4” x 2.30” in size
  • True Bypass switching

The Majestic recreates a very “signature” 70’s tone extremely accurately and more importantly captures the true feel. The Majestic OD carries a $199.00 street price.

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