J Rockett Audio Designs Releases the Monkeyman

A tweed amp-in-a-box pedal with built-in spring reverb emulation.

Nashville, TN (November 14, 2018) -- J Rockett Audio Designs, brings back the classic tweed amp tone and response with the Monkeyman.

“The Monkeyman can take you back in history.” Says Chris Van Tassel. “Think of "Funk 49," "Kid Charlemagne," "Hotel California," "Hurricane" and many more. The icing on the cake is a built-in spring reverb for some atmosphere. None of the old tweeds had it but we wanted to add it anyway!”

The Monkeyman can go from a gritty clean to an exploding speaker sound just by turning the “Speaker Breakup” knob. One of the unique features of the Monkeyman is that you can hit the front end with everything you’ve got, overdrives, boosts or whatever you want and it compresses just like an old tweed. That is where you can craft those old scorching classic lead tones and more.

The Monkeyman features:

  • Tweed-like amp tone that compresses, breaks up and responds like only a tweed can
  • Go from a gritty clean to an exploding speaker sound just by turning the “Speaker Breakup” knob
  • Touch sensitivity response from the guitar’s volume knob for extreme sag and dynamics
  • Independent spring reverb emulation control
  • Self serviceable replaceable footswitch for instant, on the spot repairs for the gigging player

Monkeyman price $199.

For more information:
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