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J. Rockett Audio Designs Releases the SOS Buffer

J. Rockett Audio Designs Releases the SOS Buffer

J. Rockett Audio Designs Ushers in the sixth of the new Tour Series and unveils the SOS Buffer pedal.

Nashville, TN (October 7, 2016) -- J. Rockett Audio Designs has announced the sixth product release of the long awaited Tour Series line. The Tour Series is comprised of products designed with the influence of a host of top Nashville and LA touring artists to address their needs on the road.

The collaboration continues with the release of the J. Rockett Audio Designs SOS Buffer.

Every pedalboard needs a good buffer. Buffers balance out your impedance and get the loss of highs back on track, especially with multiple pedals and long cable runs. The quality of guitar cables can vary so if you’ve ever plugged straight into your amp and then back into your board, you know what I mean. The SOS is exactly what it’s name infers, a pedal that will rescue your tone! There is one knob used to subtly vary the focus of your high end. Some buffers can over-do it and some don’t do enough. The SOS control will allow you to dial in the highs to be exactly how you need them and you won’t get that crazy interaction with Fuzz pedals and Wah pedals.

SOS Buffer features include:

  • SOS Control: subtly adjusts the amount of top end in your signal path to be balanced
  • I/O jacks at the head of the pedal
  • 9V DC operation with standard – tip and + sleeve
  • Approximately 2.65” x 2.65” in size

The SOS Buffer carries a $79 street price.

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