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JColoccia Guitars Introduces the id Overdrive

JColoccia Guitars Introduces the id Overdrive

A low-to-mid gain drive pedal that features passive bass/treble control with active mid EQ.

Bolton, CT (November 16, 2015) -- JColoccia Guitars introduces the Id overdrive, a low to medium gain, responsive overdrive that's right at home boosting a dirty amp or on it's own.

A powerful 3-band EQ allows you gently dial things in just right without completely trampling your bypassed signal. The active Mid control is especially well voiced, focusing on those lower mids which really define the girth of your tone. Around the center, flat setting it's just right for fattening up single coils and bringing clarity to humbuckers and P90s, or twist it hard and explore what your signal chain is capable of.

The three-position voice switch allows you to select from a neutral, warm drive in the center position, with progressively brighter and more aggressive drives in the right and left positions.

The voice switch and EQ are very versatile and powerful, but were designed with ease of use in mind. There's no need to turn knobs for hours looking for that elusive magic setting. They are voiced very musically throughout their entire range. Set everything to noon and go!

As with all JColoccia products, the Id was designed around the professional musician, with intelligently designed features and tones based on feedback from live and studio work. Every Id is built by hand, inspected and tested in JColoccia's shop, and every Id comes with a transferable, no nonsense lifetime warranty.


  • Passive Bass/Treble with Active Mid EQ and a voice switch for versatility in a wide range of live and studio settings
  • Works equally well as a boost or on it's own as your main drive
  • True Bypass switching
  • 9-volt battery or 9V-18V DC jack
  • No nonsense lifetime warranty
  • Hand Built in the USA

$129 street

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