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Joyo Audio Launches the Bantamp xL-JACKMAN II

The amp comes with a channel-switching footswitch and features both clean and distortion modes.

Shenzhen, China (June 24, 2020) -- It’s been 2 years since Joyo launched BanTamP series, and received numerous positive feedbacks, many clients take them along for performance, connecting with Joyo 212/412 cabinets, the little head takes you by storm. We’ve optimized the BanTamP series based on customers’ feedbacks, and now we’ve developed the brand new BanTamP XL series!

Retaining the original tones and functions, BanTamP XL series features a channel-switching footswitch, 6 knobs---specifically speaking, 2 channels can be controlled independently, now you have better control over the volume of CLEAN Channel and DISTORTION Channel, and adjust their GAIN and TONE independently too!

Well, BanTamP XL series is definitely a better choice for musicians who love to perform with BanTamP series!

The JACKMAN II carries street price of $179.99, and it's available at global Joyo dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

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