JPTR FX Unveils the Fernweh Multi Echo

A dual delay that gives you up to 450ms of delay time.

Wilhelmshaven, Germany (February 27, 2018) -- Ever wondering how to travel through time? With German engineering on your side, the Fernweh by JPTR FX can defy logic and explore the limits of our sonic landscape.

Two stacked delays can be controlled separately to cover your sound in a soft haze. Different time settings will result in elaborate rhythmic patterns or spring reverb-like textures followed by a lush delay. For your noise needs you will find a momentary switch for infinite self-oscillation and another momentary switch for altering the time settings. But be careful, unqualified use may cause anomalies in space-time!


  • Status-LED for each delay time
  • Max. delay time 450 ms
  • Hardware True Bypass
  • +9V power supply and standart DC input
  • Expression IN for BOTH repeat and time traveling
  • 2x Mix / 2x Time / 2x Feedback and an alternate Time Control time A/B for delay 1  / Repeat oscillation intensety with switch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handmade in Germany

Designed and build in JPTR FXs custom shop in Germany, the Fernweh is available for 259 € at or

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