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The pedal is centered around a DREAM microchip and will be released in January 2020.

Edmond, OK (November 25, 2019) -- Keeley Electronics announces the new release date of the Eccos Delay / Looper.

At Keeley Electronics, we strive for excellence with every effect we design. We have been working hard on the Eccos for the last two years, and as we approach our release date, we realize that we need a little more time to get things just right. Since its inception, the Eccos has gone through several revisions. The new DREAM microchip platform has opened up a world of new and exciting possibilities for us, but that comes with a price. Since it’s announcement at NAMM 2018, the Eccos has taken many forms and has gone through many developmental changes, the newest being a fully featured Looper included it the Eccos design. We are taking extra time and care to make sure that the Looper in the Eccos is more than an afterthought, and is shaping up to be a fully featured, robust looper. We want to make sure that not only the delay is perfect, but the looper is as well.

Having said that, we are updating our release date to January 16, 2020. This new date corresponds with the first day of Winter NAMM 2020. The Eccos will be available at your favorite Keeley dealer on that day.

“The Eccos Delay/Looper pedal has truly become our flagship design. It has eclipsed my wildest dreams. But, I need some more time to finish a couple sounds and features I want included in the product. It has to be perfect. I know you and all other guitar players will be amazed at what a musical instrument it is. The release date is now officially January 16th. Thank you for your patience.” -- Robert Keeley

Watch the company's video demo:

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Keeley Electronics

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