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KHDK Electronics Partners with Skateistan to Create Fuzz Pedal

KHDK Electronics Partners with Skateistan to Create Fuzz Pedal

The pedals are housed in one-of-a-kind enclosures made from skateboards used by students in Skateistan’s school.

Prague, Czech Republic (June 20, 2019) -- David Karon (KHDK Electronics) is excited to announce his new pro-charity guitar pedal initiative “Tone for Change.” Their first project is a limited edition “Skateistan” fuzz pedal in a one-of-a-kind enclosure made from skateboards used by students in Skateistan’s school.

All profits from the sale of the pedal go to Skate Schools operated by the award-winning NGO Skateistan which brings creativity, fun and freedom into the lives of its students.

Working in Cambodia, South Africa and Afghanistan, Skateistan has over 2,500 active students, half of which are girls. Skateistan empowers its students through creativity, education and skateboarding.

The Skateistan pedal is a fuzz effect inspired by skateboarding subculture. Creative freedom defines the pedal, with controls that let guitarists experiment and make the tone their own. It is an alternative use of distortion with mosfet stage for tube-like warmth. The tone evokes grunge and stoner rock with its characteristic sound: toothy, fuzzy, sharp and dry. Of the pedal, Tone For Change founder David Karon (KHDK Electronics) commented: “Growing up, skateboarding and music were my passions. I am beyond excited to merge these two worlds in this incredible fuzz pedal and help Skateistan continue to transform the lives of vulnerable children.”

Their previous users were children like Fatima* who lives in Mazar-e-Sharif. She is deaf and because of her disability and her gender, she has often been excluded from sports. Now, Fatima comes to Skateistan every week and her confidence and skills are growing: “Skateistan is a place that I can learn lots of different things than what I learn at home and school. We can do any sport that we like in Skateistan like football, skating and active games. I am really waiting all week until Thursday to come to Skateistan.

Skateistan Founder and Executive Director Oliver Percovich said: “We are so excited to be supported by the sales of this amazing Skateistan pedal. The funds generated will make a huge difference to the lives of our students, who, because of the work we do, have safe spaces in which to play, learn and make new friends. We’ll be able to reach even more children in South Africa, Cambodia and Afghanistan because of this awesome support from Tone for Change.”

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