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Kiesel Guitars Announces the Leia

Kiesel Guitars Announces the Leia

The Leia can be made with either a trem or fixed bridge and created in a 6- or 7-string figuration.

Escondido, CA (July 8, 2020) -- What happens when the neck-through construction of the massively popular Kiesel Vader is fused with the shape of the headstocked Kiesel SCB and the comfortable, compact feel of the Kiesel Zeus? Kiesel Guitars is proud to introduce the Leia, crafted with these qualities at the forefront, creating a first-of-its-kind for the leading factory-direct, custom-instrument manufacturer.

Not only does the Leia introduce a neck-through, single cut headless guitar to the lineup, it also welcomes the addition of a 24.75” scale length in a 6-string setup, and can come in the familiar 25.5” scale length. The Leia can be tailor-made with either a trem or fixed bridge and created in a 6 or 7 string figuration.

Though the Leia adds even more options to the custom shop, don’t expect the already vast amount of options to go away anytime soon. From full reign of the body wood and fingerboard material to the signature Kiesel pickup selection, the combinations are virtually endless, held to the extreme standards of every other model.

The Leia gets its name from the Kiesel family dog, who was named after a very famous princess, though it does fit in with other Kiesel instruments including the Vader and Solo. Order the Kiesel Leia today by calling 858-GUITARS, visiting, or emailing!

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