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Killer Guitar Components Announces Tremolo Upgrade

Killer Guitar Components Announces Tremolo Upgrade

The KGC design offers more mass, more stability, and a special spring cover.

Gloucester, MA (October 29, 2015) -- Adding to their line of top quality machined guitar parts, Killer Guitar Components, is now offering an innovative, new design for the locking tremolo "big block" upgrade. A significant improvement over the industry standard "big block", the KGC design offers more mass, more stability and a special spring cover - all coming together to give your Floyd Rose or similar locking trem a tonal punch with sustain and clarity as well as super spring security for ultimate dive-bombing. The KGC block introduces the first combination of intuitive design, more mass and proper materials – a marriage that offers maximum vibration transfer, resonance with significant sustain and tone improvements.


  • Materials - KGC's specially chosen brass alloy and all stainless mounting screws
  • Design – Proprietary spring retainer cover for spring security, added mass and custom look
  • Stability - More mass, deeper mounting holes with extra-long (5/8") mounting screws
  • Looks – Finished to perfection - mirror-polished spring cover, brushed finish sides, countersunk holes
  • Personal Preference - Offered in 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thicknesses - more mass or more dive space
  • Customization - Have your block engraved with a personal message or made to a custom size

The KGC blocks carry a retail price starting at $58.95 and are available directly through Killer Guitar Components.

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