Land Devices Unveils the HP-2

A unique vintage distortion with military-grade aesthetics.

Oakland, CA (December 13, 2017) -- Land Devices HP-2 is the company's first effects pedal. The HP-2 merges a unique vintage distortion with military-grade aesthetics at an affordable price point.

The HP-2 is a sonic doomsday device. A harmonic percolator equivalent that can go from mild overdrive to face-melting fuzz. The left knob adjusts harmonics and right knob for balance. Switch left for original circuit and switch right for doom.


  • Uses both germanium and silicon transistors
  • USSR germanium clipping diodes
  • Rocker switch lets you go from the original circuit to a less compressed, more output distortion circuit
  • Dynamic response to your guitar's volume and tone knobs

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